Europe reaches 1,322 bio-methane producing facilities

About the Author: Byont

2 October 2023

The European Biogas Association (EBA) published its 2022-23’s edition of the Biomethane Map showcasing the most recent and available data on Europe’s biomethane plants. It was produced by the(EBA) and Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE). The map has been built with the support of EBA members, who have provided the necessary data, and the EBA Secretariat.

Some key facts and figures are:

  • Europe reached a total of 1,322 biomethane-producing facilities by April 2023.
  • These 299 new plants represent nearly 30% more than the ones reported in the previous edition of this map in 2021.
  • Compared to the previous editions of the map, the number of plants in Europe has steeply increased: 483 plants in the 2018 edition, 729 in the 2020 edition and 1,023 in the 2021 edition.
  • 1,174 plants out of the total reported were located by the EBA and displayed on the map launched today.

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