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We operate across the
biogas value chain,
from waste to production.



Byont will become a significant participant in the Bio-LNG sector within western-Europe with intended output of 100 tonnes of Bio-LNG per day within the next 3 years and 200 tonnes Bio-LNG per day within 5 years.


Byont is establishing a full-service suite of companies inclusive of management services, regulatory services, service and maintenance and feedstock management.


The output of typical operational sites will range between 9 and 18 tonnes of Bio-LNG per day.


Byont uses a proven technology supporting Bio-LNG production.

Biogas and Bio-LNG

Bio-Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) is a biofuel made by processing organic waste flows.

Bio-Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) is a biofuel made by processing organic waste flows. Biogas is produced when the organic waste is placed in an anaerobic digester (AD) in the absence of oxygen. With the help of a range of bacteria, organic matter breaks down, releasing a blend of gases. The main components in this biogas are methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). To make Bio-LNG the methane is scrubbed/ separated from the carbon dioxide and other critical components, and then liquefied. This process is called liquefaction. Liquefaction increases the energy density 600 times making it ideal for heavy-duty road transport and the maritime sector, both of which are difficult to electrify.

Green energy

It is estimated that Biogas has the potential to reduce global climate change emissions by 10%; Biogas can deliver home grown, distributed, baseload, storable and dispatchable green energy.

Biogas treat wastes that would otherwise produce harmful methane emissions, recycling them into valuable green energy, biofertiliser and biochemicals which is the core principle of an efficient circular economy.

Biogas and particularly Bio-LNG can decarbonise difficult areas, such as heavy-duty transport and agriculture.

Biogas makes substantial contributions to 9 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Team

The management team has a track record in Biogas, Feedstock Management and Project Finance with experience in execution of projects and running of operational sites.

Roel Slotman is a team member of Byont


25 years of experience in the biogas and wastewater industry worldwide in several sales and managerial roles, including a board position for international.

Jacco van de Velde is a team member of Byont

van de Velde

25 years of experience in the organic residue market and AD project development. Successfully incorporated and sold a JV in organic waste with the Flemish Government. Established 6 Biogas facilities between 2006 and 2010.

Alex Botha is a team member of Byont


30 years of multi-sector c-suite and finance experience focussing on organisational efficiency and growth. Qualified Chartered Accountant (PWC) with an MBA from London Business School.


Byont is establishing a full-service suite of companies inclusive of:

  • Management Services

  • Service & Maintenance

  • Regulatory Services

  • Feedstock Management


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